Water Repellent & Efflorescence Control

Concrete mortar providing water-resistant and efflorescence-control

Water repellent admixtures provide integral water resistance to water migration, efflorescence and corrosion in concrete and masonry.

  • Outstanding resistance to water migration
  • Excellent efflorescence control
  • Enhanced mix flowability
  • Optimized pigment dispersion

Water Repelling and Efflorescence Controlling Admixture Products

MasterPel 210E

High efficiency (low dosage rate) | Excellent ability to mix with water | Compatible with the MasterPel Water Repellent Admixture System from BASF

MasterPel 235

Reduced rate of water absorption | Reduced water vapor transmission | Reduced efflorescence potential

MasterPel 240

Achieved the highest rating per ASTM E 514 | Meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type S, Specific Performance, admixtures | Improves color vibrancy and pigment efficiency

MasterPel 200HD

Enhances color and reduces efflorescence potential | Increases compressive and flexural strengths | Increases production rate

MasterPel 240MA

Reduces potential for primary and secondary efflorescence | Minimizes the need for post applied sealers | Easy to handle and ship
Water Repellent and Efflorescence Control

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