MasterPel 200HD: Silane-based, water-repellent and efflorescence control admixture for high-density applications

Formerly: Rheopel 200 HD

How does MasterPel 200HD work?

MasterPel 200HD multi-purpose admixture is specially formulated and designed for water-repellency and efflorescence control in the high-density applications such as concrete paving stone production. This unique formula is based on a novel silane chemistry that is different from the conventional water-repellent admixtures in the manufactured concrete product industry.

Recommended uses:

  • Paving stones
  • Segmental retaining wall units
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Concrete bricks
  • Precast /pre-stressed concrete

What are the unique features of MasterPel 200HD?

  • Unique formulation, specially designed for high-density applications
  • Enhances color and reduces efflorescence potential
  • Provides improved material flow and extrusion characteristics
  • Superior water repellency versus conventional water-repellent admixtures

What are the benefits of MasterPel 200HD?

  • Significantly reduces secondary efflorescence, improves primary efflorescence control
  • Improves color vibrancy and pigment efficiency
  • Increases compressive and flexural strengths
  • Increases production rate
  • Adds visual appeal

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MasterPel 200HD Data Sheet

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