Shrinkage & Crack-Reducing Admixtures

Reduce and prevent cracks in concrete

Cracks in concrete can be reduced or often prevented by reducing drying shrinkage. Shrinkage-reducing admixtures and the only crack-reducing admixture on the market, MasterLife CRA 007, will reduce drying shrinkage, and minimize time to cracking and width of cracks if cracks do occur, to improve:

  • Water tightness
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics

BASF shrinkage and crack reducing admixtures meet ASTM C 494 and AASHTO M 194 requirements for Type S admixtures.

Shrinkage & Crack Reducing Admixture Products

MasterLife CRA 007

Reduces drying shrinkage | Extends joint spacing | Reduces curling | Suitable for air-entrained concrete | Better extended time to failure (ASTM C 1581) | Reduces crack width | Aesthetically pleasing

MasterLife SRA 035

Reduces drying shrinkage | Extends joint spacing | Reduces curling | Better for air-entrained concrete | Good extended time to failure (ASTM C 1581) | Aesthetically pleasing
Shrinkage and Crack Reducers

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