​​Returned Concrete Treatment​

​Solutions for producers to recycle returned concrete​

According to the National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA), 3-5% of produced concrete is returned back to the concrete production site. Returned concrete is an operational, financial and environmental challenge for concrete producers. Typically, returned concrete will need to be crushed in order to be used as a material such as road-base or other back-fill material. The downside is that concrete crushing is carbon-intensive, costly and a potentially dangerous operation. 

MasterSuna concrete admixtures provide a sustainable solution for concrete producers to easily recycle returned concrete without crushing. This treated material can then be used for compacted road base material, back-fill or as a partial replacement for aggregate in concrete.​

Returned Concrete Treatment Products

MasterSuna RCT 323

Cost-effective solution to address returned fresh concrete | Eliminates the need for onsite concrete crushing | One-component | Fast-acting

Returned Concrete Treatment

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