For predictable in-place concrete properties underwater

This patented anti-washout admixture is specially developed for underwater concrete applications. 

  • Offers superior resistance to washout of cement and fines
  • Impedes the blending of external water into the plastic concrete
  • Reduces segregation, even with highly fluid, high water-to-cementitious materials ratio concrete mixtures

The anti-washout admixture from BASF meets the requirements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CRD-C 661-06, Specification for Anti-Washout Admixtures for Concrete.

Anti-Washout Product

MasterMatrix UW 450

Ready-to-use liquid admixture for underwater concreting | Cellulose-based | Meets requirements of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers CRD-C 661-06
Anti-Washout Admixture

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