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     To facilitate review and selection, the Master Builders Solutions products listed are classified in accordance with MasterFormatTM (CSI) Divisions.

    Note to specifier:​

    Master Builders Solutions is a global brand for construction, combining the established strengths of the Master Builders legacy with other well-known construction product brands such as Chemrex, Sonneborn, MBT, and others.​

    The specifications listed below reflect the product name changes. Please update your Master Specifications accordingly.​

    03 01 00 Maintenance of Concrete

     Maintenance of Cast-in-Place Concrete

    03 05 00 Common Works Results for Concrete

     Integral Waterproofing Specification​​​

    03 24 00 Fibrous Reinforcing

     Fibrous Reinforcing Specification

    03 30 00 Cast-in-Place-Concrete

     Architectural Concrete Specification

     Cast-in-Place Concrete Specification

     Integrally Colored Concrete Specification

    03 40 00 Precast Concrete

     Precast Structural Concrete Specification

     Precast Architectural Concrete Specification

    04 22 00 Concrete Unit Masonry

     Water Repellent Unit Masonry Guide Spec

    32 13 00 Rigid Paving

     Concrete Paving Specification

    Additional Admixture & Concrete Technology Specification Language

     Accelerating (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types C & E)

     Air-Entraining (ASTM C 260 / AASHTO M 154) & Foaming Agents (ASTM C 869)

     Alkali Silica Reaction-Inhibiting Admixture (ASTM C 494/C 494M / AASHTO M 194 M/M 194: Type S)

     Coloring Admixture

     Corrosion Inhibitors

     High-Range Water-Reducing (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types F; ASTM C1017: Type I) 

     Hydration Control (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types B & D)

     Metakaolin: (ASTM C 618 / AASHTO M 295: Class N)

     Mid-Range Water-Reducing (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types A & F )

     Retarding (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types B & D)

     Shrinkage Reducer

     Silica Fume (ASTM C 1240 / AASHTO M 307)

     Viscosity-Modifying & Underwater Concreting

     Water-Reducing / Water-Reduci​ng & Retarding (ASTM C 494 / AASHTO M 194: Types A & D)

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