Increasing Concrete Strength

Compressive strength

Compressive strength is the most common performance metric for concreteThe compressive strength of concrete can be increased by:   
  • Including admixtures
  • Adjusting the cement type and quantity
  • Reducing the water/cement ratio
  • Utilizing supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs)
  • Altering the aggregates - type and gradations
Additionally, high-early strength concrete can be achieved through a 4x4 Concrete System. 

Products for Increasing Concrete Strength

Master X-Seed 55

Increase concrete strength | Improve cement hydration | Patented CSH seeding Technology

Master X-Seed 44

Improves cement hydration | Increases very-early age strength development (<16 hours) with no adverse effect on 28-day strength development | Enhances workability

Water Reducers, High-Range

Silica Fume

Set Time Accelerating Admixtures

Increasing Concrete Strength

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