MasterGlenium 7511: Full-range water-reducing admixture using polycarboxylate technology

Formerly PS 1583

How does MasterGlenium work?

MasterGlenium 7511 admixture is a ready-to-use high-range water reducing admixture based on the next generation of polycarboxylate technology. MasterGlenium 7511 admixture is very effective in producing concrete mixtures with different levels of workability including applications that require self-consolidating concrete (SCC)

Recommended uses:

  • Concrete with varying water reduction requirements (5-40%)
  • Concrete where control of workability and setting time is critical
  • Concrete where high flowability, high early and ultimate strengths, increased stability and improved durability are needed
  • Producing self consolidating concrete (SCC)
  • Strength-on-demand concrete, such as 4x4™ Concrete 

What are the unique features of MasterGlenium?

  • Consistent air entrainment
  • Dosage flexibility

What are the benefits of MasterGlenium?

  • Less QC support for all fresh concrete properties
  • Fewer rejected loads
  • Optimized concrete mixture costs

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MasterGlenium 7511 Data Sheet

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