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    ​​​​​MasterSure Z 60 

    Workability-retaining admixture with variable degrees of slump retention

    MasterSure Z 60 description:

    MasterSure Z 60 admixture is a workability-retaining admixture that provides flexible degrees of slump retention without retardation. MasterSure Z 60 admixture provides concrete producers a cost-effective means of maintaining consistency between loads of concrete with respect to slump, workability and air content.

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    Recommended uses:

    • Concrete with varied slump requirements
    • Concrete mixtures utilizing supplementary cementitious materials
    • Concrete where high flowability, increased stability and durability are needed
    • Production of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) mixtures

    What are the unique features of MasterSure Z 60?

    • Provides flexible degrees of slump and workability retention without retardation
    • Can be used in low- to high-slump concrete mixtures, including self-consolidating concrete
    • Can be used alone or in combination with MasterPozzolith, MasterPolyheed or MasterGlenium normal, mid-range and high-range water reducing admixtures
    • Improved early- and late-age compressive strengths

    What are the benefits of MasterSure Z 60?

    • Minimizes the need for jobsite slump adjustment using water or high-range water-reducing admixture
    • Provides consistency in air-entrainment, slump, workability and strength
    • Fewer rejected loads and better customer satisfaction due to consistent quality of concrete
    • Faster truck turn-around time
    • Expanded concrete delivery range
    • Provides concrete producers with ability to consistently produce and deliver quality concrete mixtures

    US / Canada Product Information

    MasterSure Z 60 Overview Brochure

    MasterSure Z 60 Overview Brochure (French)
    MasterSure Z 60 Testimonials
    Concrete Products Article: The impact of workability retention

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