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    We can help you put your data to work.

    You've got mountains of data scattered in different software: batch, dispatch, fleet tracking, truck sensors, tests and hundreds and reports flying around.​​​​​​​​

    We silence the noise and hand deliver savings opportunities, via batched material waste, truck time leaks, and slipping customers, plus we give you an app to monitor and capture those savings.

    We dig deep into the data, just like we've done in concrete technology, to help your organization move towards efficiency and sustainability, guaranteed. 

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     Is your data just a platform or is it a Partnership?

    ​MasterAtlas gives your whole organization AI-enhanced data analysis with tools to manage those fidings, plus regular sessions from advisors you already trust.

    Examples of Questions That We've Helped Enterprises & Small Businesses Answer:

    • How am I catching quality slips before they get to the job-site?
    • Which vehicles or drivers are costing me time and money?​
    • Which plants or mixes are costing me the most money, and how do I fix it?
    • How do I reduce rejected loads and customer satisfaction problems?
    • Which of my customers and which of my products are most profitable and why?​​


    You've got the data, is it helping you in the moment?


    Reduce Truck Time

    Save Money Batching

    Catch Quality Issues

    Real-Time Issue Catching 

     The MasterAtlas mobile app multiplies your QC's capacity to catch issues before they hit the job site.

     Multiple Eyes in the Field

     MasterAtlas serves as an extra set of eyes for your team in the field by watching multiple projects for issues, even miles away.​​

    Uncover Sales Opportunities 

    Batch-to-pour Sustainability Measurement

    Real-time Cost-Saving Notifications

          "This dashboard not only gives me daily automatics reports, saving me 1-2 hours a day to focus on other things, but it assists me and shows how my KPIs are performing."- Current QC User 

    All software "gives you reports", but we sit at the table with you to help you get it moving.                                                                                   
     It's one thing to get data, but we also partner with you to deliver a prioritized action plan to achieve these goals.                                         ​​

     Then, experience our web & mobile app where you get a real-time virtual assistant, helping you make real-time decisions:     ​                                                                                                       
    • When your drivers are off schedule, whether it's a longer drive-back, jobsite wait, or wash rack trip
    • When your batch plant accidentally ships a problematic load, catching it before that load gets to the jobsite                     ​                                        ​​                                                         

    ​                                                                                                                           ​

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