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    ​​​​Product, System and Market Sectors Literature

    For a specific product's Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), Certifications and Technical Data Guides, please visit the dedicated product pages.

    Brochures - Industry

     Master Builders Solutions - Creating chemistry for sustainable construction

           Overview of the Master Builders Solutions Construction Chemicals business

     Bridge and Transportation - Construction, Repair and Maintenance

           Solutions utilizing deck protection, concrete repair and grouting

     Building Restoration

           The Art and Science of Restoration

     Concrete Repair - Solutions for Long-Term Integrity and Durability

           Concrete repair of commercial, institutional buildings, industrial facilities, stadiums and parking structures, roads, bridges and tunnels, wastewater and water treatment facilities

     Condominiums and Apartments Restoration - The Art and Science of Restoration

           Solutions for balconies and walkways, facades, windows, railings; also concrete repair of parking garages and plazas

     Cures and Surface Treatments

           Solutions for Evaporation and Appearance

     Deck Membranes and Overlays

           Solutions that Challenge Moisture Penetration

     Industrial Shutdowns - Product Portfolio for Time Critical Industrial Applications

           Grouts, corrosion protection, concrete repair, concrete strengthening, protective coatings, crack repair

     Joint Sealants

           Solutions for Durability and Movement

     Parking Structures

           Repair Solutions Portfolio

     Performance Flooring - Solutions for Durable Flooring

           Solutions for high traffic stadiums, schools, food processing plants and heavy manufacturing, interior/exterior

     Performance Grouting

           Solutions that Challenge Movement

     Power and Energy - Solutions for Power and Energy Construction

           Grouting, concrete repair, repair mortars, coatings, sealants, waterproofing, water repellents, injection grouting

     Roofing Applications

           Adhesive and Sealant Solutions

     Wall Coatings - Solutions for Protection and Appearance

           High build coatings, elastomeric coatings, primers and blockfillers

     Water Repellents - Solutions for Moisture Intrusion

           Vertical substrate applications, horizontal substrate applications

     Waterproofing - Solutions that Challenge Moisture Penetration

           Foundation and split slab waterproofing, cementitious waterproofing

     Water Management - Construction and Repair Solutions Portfolio for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

           Concrete repair, concrete protection, crack injection, coatings, concrete strengthening, grouting, sealants

    Brochures - Product and System

     MasterCem - Solutions for the cement industry

           Grinding aids and performance enhancers for cement

     MasterBrace - Composite Strengthening Systems Solutions

           Solutions for fabric roof structures, internal concrete reinforcement, deck gratings, and externally bonded reinforcement

    MasterFlow 648 - High Strength, High Flow Epoxy Grout

           Providing a secure, stable base, ensuring alignment and long-term service

     MasterProtect HB 200LR

           Highly reflective, water-based, acrylic coating for the interior of parking structures

     MasterSeal NP 1

           High Performance Polyurethane Sealant

     MasterSeal TX 1

           Textured, High Performance Polyurethane Sealant

     MasterTop - Performance Flooring Systems

            Epoxy, Polyurethane and Polyaspartic Flooring Systems

     MasterTop SRS

           MMA Flooring Systems

     Performance Flooring Surface Hardener

            Dry shake concrete hardener solutions

     Ucrete - The Floor that Lasts

            Flooring systems designed for monolithic floor overlays and resurfacing

    Color Selection


           Wall Coatings Color and Texture Portfolio

     MasterColor Color Selector

           Coloring Admixtures for Decorative Concrete

     MasterSeal Color Portfolio

           Most Popular Colors for Sealants

     Master Builders Solutions Color Portfolio

           Fan Deck for Sealants - Hundreds of Choices

     MasterSeal Deck Coatings Color Portfolio

           All colors currently available for our deck membranes top coats

     Performance Flooring Color Portfolio

          Color options for flooring products

    Concrete Technology in Focus: Discussions about Admixtures Systems technologies

     4x4™ Concrete System

            Repair for Airport Pavement

     4x4™ Concrete

           Comparison to Rapid-Setting Cement Concrete

     4x4™ Concrete System

            A Maturity-Based Method for Estimating In-Place Concrete Pavement Strength

     4x4™ Concrete System

            Very high-early-strength

    Efflorescence Guidelines

            Although efflorescence cannot be prevented completely, it can be controlled using recommended practices and MasterPel water-repellent admixtures

       Eco-Efficiency Analysis

          Master Builders Solutions developed the Eco-Efficiency Analysis methodology to evaluate the cost and environmental impacts of alternative products, processes and technologies

     Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Service - Introduction to environmental concrete labeling

           Master Builders Solutions can offer an ISO 14025 Type III environmental label that presents relevant and verified environmental information about goods and services, in this instance  concrete, from a life cycle perspective

     Green Sense Concrete

           With Green Sense Concrete, Master Builders Solutions offers a revolutionary advanced concrete mixture proportioning service that achieves new levels of performance, economics and sustainability.

     Pervious Concrete

           An overview of the unique solution developed by Master Builders Solutions specifically for achieving maximum performance of pervious concrete.

     Self-Consolidating Concrete - Visual Stability Index (VSI)

           A visual tool to assist concrete producers in consistently applying the Visual Stability Index (VSI) to concrete production. The VSI was originally developed by Master Builders Solutions as a reference when producing self-consolidating concrete. The stability of self-consolidating concrete can be observed visually by examining the concrete mass and therefore can be used for quality control of self-consolidating mixtures.

     Self-Consolidating Grout - For Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls

           Self-consolidating grout (SCG) is a highly-fluid and stable mixture used in low-lift and high-lift grouting of reinforced concrete masonry walls.

     Successful Cold Weather Concreting

           This guide has been developed by Master Builders Solutions to assist the entire construction team (owners, specifiers, contractors, and ready-mixed concrete producers) in the design, production, delivery, placement and curing of quality concrete in cold weather.

     Successful Hot Weather Concreting

           This guide has been developed by Master Builders Solutions to assist the entire construction team (owners, specifiers, contractors, and ready-mixed concrete producers) in the design, production, delivery, placement and curing of quality concrete in hot weather.

     SCC Mixture Optimization - Innovative Computer Software

           The tool was developed based on research and extensive studies in concrete and SCC technology. This mixture optimization tool has been successfully used to improve the performance and cost efficiency of SCC used on multiple projects in Australia, Thailand, Sweden, New Zealand and the United States.

     Water-Repellent Admixture Certification Program - Performance Optimization, Evaluation and Quality Control

           The Water-Repellent Admixture Certification Program from Master Builders Solutions certifies block producers using MasterPel® high performance admixtures.

    Performance Guides

     Admixture Performance Guide - For Improving Concrete

           This guide shows the relative performance and properties of various admixture products in comparison to a reference mixture.

     Admixture Performance Guide - For Concrete Masonry Products

           This guide shows the relative performance and properties of various admixture products in comparison to a reference mixture.

    Reference Guide

     Surface Retarder Reference Guide

           MasterFinish® Retarders for Creating Beautiful Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    Products in Focus Series: a series of in-depth discussions of Master Builders Solutions​ products

     MasterLife® ASR 30 Admixture

           A Solution to Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Concrete


           Family of Viscosity-Modifying Admixtures

     MasterPel® 240 Water

           Repellent/Efflorescence Control Admixture

     MasterPel® 240 Water-Repellent Admixture System

           For Concrete Masonry Walls

     MasterSet® DELVO Admixture Technology

           Long-Haul Stabilization of Ready-Mixed Concrete